Mrs. Razia Begum

My check up was done with lot of care and attention. Good infrastructure. Cleanliness maintained well. Gyneac doctors are very informative.

Thank You

Mr. Hashmath Jehan B.W

The Well Women Health Check was very well organised with efficient doctors,nurses and other paramedical staffs. All the tests were done clearly. I pray for your hospital to grow and reach new heights.

Mrs. Suchithra Mukund

Very qualified,cheerful doctors. Supportive as well as informative.Clean and well maintained hospital.Staffs are efficient and thorough about their work . At every level it was well taken care.

Thank You.

Mrs. Manjula

Thanks for organising Well women health check camp at Vasavi hospital on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

Mr.T N Anuradha Rao

Very comprehensive check up for women. Doctors & staffs are courteous & very helpful. Well maintained at all places.The comfort level at every consultation was good.

Mrs. Kavitha

It was a well organised Camp for women. All the staffs involved explained about the programme very well.


I had bike accident on 27.02.2016, my cousin suggested to do a MRI. The result showed that there was a complete tear of ACL. So one of my friend suggested to go to Vasavi hospital. The surgery was performed on 07.04.2016 at Vasavi hospital by one of the famous orthopedic surgeon Dr.Srivatsa Subramanya & the surgery was successful. Now I am able to walk normally & perform my routine activities as well. Thanks to all the staffs of Vasavi hospital especially Dr.Srivatsa Subramanya. I would like to refer this hospital to everybody especially when they need orthopedic care.

Mrs. Shyla PC

Totally it was very nice experience. This camp gave us information about our overall development of health. All the doctors involved in the Camp helped us in identifying our problem & gave us the proper treatment.

Mrs. Usha R

This was a helpful Camp. It was good that with a affordable rate we had undergone overall health check & also got information about what needs to be done to keep our health on track.


I got to know about Vasavi hospital through my doctor Dr. Saraswathi Ramesh.

On personally visiting the hospital and having seen all the equipments they have for maternity. I decided to have my baby here.

When the time came, I was taken care of by very friendly nurses who made sure I was comfortable in my current situation. The maternity staff exceptionally trained and know how to handle tough situations. I was constantly updated on my progress and was made aware of the situation.

Once I had my baby, it was made sure that my baby and I were perfectly alright before discharging us.

The room facility, the constant care and attention that my baby and I received through the day and night and not the stringent “stick to the package”attitude has led me to recommend Vasavi hospital to all moms-to-be.

B Chandrakala

I came to know about this hospital from one of our friend. All the facilities provided here are good and the way they took care is much satisfactory and the management was outstanding as they took charge of every minute details. Totally happy with service.

Dr. H.S.M Prakash, DDG (Retd), GSI

As my daughter suffered from dengue fever we admitted her for treatment in your esteemed hospital as it is close to our home at 11 PM in late night on 24/9/2016. Soon, the doctor on duty paid immediate professional attention and care. We felt relaxed on 24/9/2016, platelet count had come down to 36000. But the medicine and the appropriate diet provided improved the situation and today she has recovered fully. We find that the staffs are cordial and cooperative. There is a spirit of team work among supporting staffs. The doctors are truly professionals. The facilities available are satisfactory. The ambiance is excellent. The charges are reasonable and hence affordable.

I sincerely wish and hope that the same spirit of service is sustained over the years so that the institution gains popularity and reputation in this part of southern Bangalore. Thank you for the care.


My mom aged 82 was suffering from severe cough, cold, fever and headache. We got her to Vasavi hospital as we stay close by and met Dr. Jayaprasad. He advised her to get admitted. We decided to get her admitted in Vasavi hospital. We choose a twin sharing room and it was well maintained. She was taken care by the trained nursing team and the consultant visited her twice in a day. The duty doctors available were fully professional and used to update the consultant about the patient condition. My mom had to undergo few investigations and the results were made available on time for the consultant to see and take the next step. We stayed there for 24 hours and then she got discharged. The discharge process was smooth. The supporting staffs were very friendly. The rooms are very clean and the stay was good. I recommend Vasavi hospital to others as there are professional doctors and nursing team which is most important for any health care organisation.


My husband was admitted at Vasavi hospital as he met with an accident. He was brought to Accident and Emergency department. The doctors there did the necessary procedure and asked the Orthopedics doctor to see the patient. The ortho team at Vasavi hospital is excellent. The doctor informed us about the procedure that my husband had to undergo and the billing department cleared my doubts about the charges and room rent. My husband underwent the procedure and he is again called for followup. The care provided at Vasavi hospital was tremendous. I recommend Vasavi hospital as this is a hospital which is service oriented.

Thank you.

Dr. Kamal Kumar Das

My name is Dr. Kamal Kumar Das . I am Doctor, practicing at agra and have been active all my life. Starting from morning walks, an hour of gardening, 7 hours of clinical work and again badminton I have lead a very active life. But from last 7 to 8 years my activities are reduced. First I was not able to make out what was happening. But later my knee started paining for all my activities. I wasn’t able to walk, garden , squat, climb stairs, I couldn’t even play with my beautiful granddaughters. Sleep vanished due to pain in the nights and I even had swelling of knee in the winters. I was obviously advised for a Knee replacement. I didn’t want to so I started modifying my life style. I reduced my morning walks, avoided gardening, avoided stairs. Took painkillers to have better sleep. I even tried Physiotherapy, Yoga, Massage..etc etc. But I was still suffering. Than finally last year when i met my nephew he gave me a good image of Knee Replacement at this new hospital called Vasavi Hospital. I spoke to the doctors at Vasavi on telephone and I accessed videos of old patients treated by Dr. Rupendu and team. I even spoke to few of these patients. Finally though skeptical, I made up my mind to get the surgery done at Vasavi Hospital. I stay at Agra (U.P), lot of good surgeon’s at Agra do the similar surgery, Delhi is near to us (Just 3hours), but when decided to get the surgery done never thought of distance of traveling so far. Booked our tickets and landed to Bangalore. After hectic flight journey my knee was hurting allot. Than distance from airport to hospital was like another journey for me. But once I reached hospital no words. The way I was welcomed by staffs at night duty was remarkable. I was directly shifted to the room, admission was done at my room once I settled. My room no 108 at first floor. Spacious with all amenities. Courteous nurses and caring doctor’s. Extremely good housekeeping staffs. I was shifted to OT the next day in morning was bit nervous, but when i entered the preparation room I was all normal, the way OT incharge welcomed, anesthetist spoke about the anesthesia, all OT nurses met me wished me, I felt totally relaxed and secured. The way I was explained about the surgery with navigation and benefits of the same. I was eager to get the surgery done and wanted to walk. After surgery I was shifted to ward the same day and was made to stand comfortably with the help of walker by Physiotherapist. Day on day progress was maintained on chart and was monitored closely by surgeon. The day i was discharged that’s the 5th day of my admission I was walking on my own with the help of walker, able to use washroom on my own. My bills were settled so smoothly. Extremely good hospital will surely recommend this hospital to all my relatives and friends. Being a doctor have visited so many hospitals at Agra and Delhi but this atmosphere and the infrastructure have never seen. Personal touch with patient was a remarkable point. Never felt I was away from my home town. Extremely good patient food with timely delivery of food under great supervision of dietitian. Special regards to the Management team, Nurses, and the Doctor’s who looked after me and helped me for this surgery.

Ramachandra shetty(Hernia- MIS dept)

Mr. Sai Prakash(MIS dept)


Mrs. Raghavendra

Shashirekha(Hernia Operation-MIS dept)

Mr. Najeeb(Ortho=dept)


Nagarathna(gall operation-MIS dept)

Ganapati(Hernia Operation-MIS dept)

B/o Deepjyoti(Pediatrics dept)

Our Patient Testimonial(Appendix Operation-MIS dept)

Our Patient Testimonial

Our Patient Testimonial

Our Patient Testimonial

Our Patient Testimonial

Our Patient Testimonial

Our Patient Testimonial

Our Patient Testimonial

Our Patient Testimonial

Our Patient Testimonial